RTA Services

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RTA Services

Galaxy Digital Business Services has extended the traditional securities via innovation; this is due to the response from the customer’s needs. We furnish the most relevant services through understanding the situation and target. It implies that we used to provide the most proficient solution to fulfill the customer’s requirement. 

As a reputation organization owned a set up with a professional extension, One of our associated work i.e Registrar & Transfer Agent Services has been provided by our company along with that an extensive range of services furnished towards our clients that make the most relevant set of services with effective value. 

Dubai government established RTA with its vision to facilitate the region with the modern state of the art, sophisticated road and transport infrastructure. It has been entrusted with the responsibility of assessing and planning the transport, roads and traffic situation in Dubai and between other states of the Emirates in order to provide integrated and efficient transport system and thereby enhance the overall growth of the nation as a whole.

The RTA is responsible to provide services related road and transport activities such as driving licenses, appointment of Vendors, parking services, toll (Salik) services, NOL(Bus, tramp & Metro train pass) services, Vehicle testing eligibility, Vehicle Registration, Water taxi booking and NOC services of Trade license issuance.

Business which are related activities such as private taxi, car rentals, sale of cars/commercial vehicles/bikes (new/pre-owned), sale of imported cars/bikes, car / bike modification workshops, garages etc. require approval / NOC from RTA before they can have license from DED or any other licensing authority.

RTA Services

Providing electronic connectivity to corporates for securities and debt instruments.


Transfer/Transmission/Transposition of shares (securities)/Nomination of shares.


Sub –division/consolidation/split up of securities.


ISIN activation / Demat and Remat ofsecurities.


IPO, Bonus, Right Issues and payment
of dividend.


Commercial Paper and debt instruments.


ESOP and Lock-in of securities.


Postal Ballot and Attendance Slips for AGM/EGM.


Resolution of investor complaints.


Arrangement of holding AGM / EGM.


Permits issued by RTA

NOC for New Trade License Request – Steps as stated below:

• Provide New company details (Initial approval from Licensing authority, location, activity, name of partner(s) / shareholder(s) & Manager)

Review Trade License Request- Steps as stated below:

• Organization search – Checking that the company registered under respective authority
• Confirm Active application information – Checking on the company details provided in the review application
• Service fees depends upon the activity under review