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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), companies are allowed to set up business activities in Free Zones. Business set up in Dubai Freezone requires a license issued by the UAE Free Zone Authority (FZA). FZA issues licenses based on the particular business activity of the company. The number of licenses issued is based on certain information provided by the applicant, including the number of potential employees who will be employed by the company within a specified period and the total capital investment for establishing the free zone operation.

What are the benefits of a free zone visa in Dubai?

Perhaps the main benefit of the Dubai free zone visa is that it allows the holder to live and work freely in Dubai. It also affords the holder a certain tax exemption, meaning as well as benefiting from the UAE’s 0% tax rate on personal and corporate income, free zone visa holders are exempt from paying import, export and customs taxes.

Anyone with a Dubai free zone visa is also able to open financial and banking products in the emirate, lease premises, access healthcare and apply for a UAE driving licence. Finally, holders of a Dubai free zone visa can embark on visa free travel to tens of countries around the world.

Process to start a Freezone Business in Dubai

When starting a business in free zone Dubai, the investor must decide on the type of business to start, as well as what free zone will be suitable for their venture—since each zone has different requirements for permitting.

Once the investors have selected a type of business for the Dubai free zone, they will choose a name for their company and must follow the company-naming conventions set by the government.

Once the business name has been decided, the owner must register it with the local agency responsible for authorizing businesses in Free zones. Each Free zone is authorized to issue different types of licenses.

When obtaining your business license in Dubai’s free zone, you can begin looking for office space. You can either buy the space or rent it.

Before issuing a license, all of the investors’ approvals must be taken. Once the approval process is complete, the investor can begin business operations. The approval process is not very time-consuming and should take no more than two to four weeks.

What is a free zone visa in Dubai?

In short, free zone visas are visas issued by Dubai free zones. They are usually linked to a licensing package and can be applied for by entrepreneurs and business owners, along with their employees, dependants and domestic staff.

Free zones are designated economic zones that offer distinct benefits to the businesses that operate within them. There are over 40 in the UAE, all offering fast and affordable company incorporation and licensing, smooth workflows and a range of other advantages.