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Maid Visa Service

Maid visa services in Dubai are focused to let individuals work as domestic help in households. If you wish to hire a maid and sponsor them in Dubai, there is an elaborate procedure that you need to follow. Often, this might be difficult as it involves understanding each step of this tedious process and waiting for approval in each stage.

Rules and regulations keep changing from time to time with major updates. Sometimes, not everyone will be well-aware of those changes. Lack of proper knowledge might lead you to unnecessary legal issues and further complications.

Maid visa renewal services

  • Once a maid visa is obtained, there comes the responsibility of renewing it from time to time.
  • This needs to be done by the sponsor.
  • You can renew the maid visa every year.
  • Almost similar procedures will be followed there too.
  • After the required period, there are also services to cancel the maid visa in Dubai.
  • All of these services are offered by Galaxy Digital Business Services BC, your trusted visa partner.
  • Our experts will help you navigate through the procedures easily and quickly! So, hurry up and call us today to know more about the maid visa services in Dubai.

Steps to get a maid visa

Collect and submit all required documents


Complete the payments for the visa issuance


Appear for medical examination


Get the Emirates ID


Undergo biometric scanning


Apply for a visa with insurance


Retrieve back all your documents after


Maid Visa Service

When it comes to a maid visa, the eligibility criteria extend for both the maid as well as the sponsors. These prerequisites are listed under the Domestic Labor Law in Dubai. Here’s a list of conditions that you can look out for while applying for a maid visa. 

If you plan to sponsor a housemaid or nanny in Dubai, you should:

  1. Have a monthly salary of AED 5000 or more.
  2. Be the head of a family, preferably a male.
  3. Can hire only from specific countries as listed out under the UAE laws.