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Emirates ID Service

Emirates ID is the UAE Government-issued identity card for the UAE’s citizens and residents. It is mandatory for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for an Emirates ID. This page provides information about the features and benefits of the card and also on the process to apply for it.

There are several types of Emirates ID, such as:

  • Citizen ID card for UAE citizens, issued for a period of 10 years
  • GCC ID card for citizens of GCC countries living in the UAE, valid for five years
  • Expat ID card for foreigners’ validity depends on the validity of the visa

Emirates ID is used everywhere, from day-to-day affairs to government services. Here are a few examples of its use:

  • Opening of a bank account in the UAE.
  • Applying for a Dubai driver’s license.
  • Renewing your vehicle registration in Dubai.
  • Pay/connect utilities.
  • Rental or purchase of the property.
  • To travel within the GCC for UAE citizens.
  • Usage for eServices.
  • To pass immigration through eGates and smart gates in some of the airports in the UAE.
  • To vote in the Federal National Council for Emirati citizens.
  • For insurance applications.
  • To verify negative COVID-19 results in Dubai airports.

Steps To Apply For Your Emirates ID

You can apply for a new Emirates ID card in two ways:

    1. Online, through the ICP website
    2. Through an accredited typing centre or an Amer centre which has an ICP section.

Next, you’ll need to pay the service and card fee, which varies depending on the visa you’re applying for. If you have a one-year visa, the cost for the Emirates ID is approximately Dh170. For a two-year visa, the cost is approximately Dh270. If you apply for a 10-year Golden Visa, the cost would be approximately Dh 1,070.

Next, you might need to visit one of ICP’s service centres to provide your biometric details for the Emirates ID database. To know more about how you can find an ICP centre near you, read our guide here.
It is important to note that this step is only required if this is the first time you are applying for an Emirates ID.

Once you have completed the steps above, you can track the status of your Emirates ID application with ICP. Once the Emirates ID has been issued, you will receive an SMS from ICP informing you of the post office location that you need to visit to collect your Emirates ID.

Emirates ID

The UAE opens its doors to thousands of expatriate residents every year. Getting a national ID card is one of the first things people ask when moving to a new country. To this end, we have compiled all the necessary information about the Emirates ID, a mandatory document issued to citizens and residents, including newborn babies in the country.